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$975.00Lifetime access to the program and updates

Included in the course

Step-by-step instructions, operational proccesses and pre-built forms for running a web design firm.


No Guess Work, Just Business! Benefit from the experience of other web design firms.


Firm Builder Formula is a 6-week online training course designed to help streamline the process of creating and operating your own web design firm.

We share our best practices, lessons learned and tips for success giving you a short-cut for success by benefitting from our knowledge in running our successful web design firm for over 14 years.

Benefits of our course:

  1. Gain access to our accumulated knowledge from over 14 years of running a successful web design firm.
  2. Fast-track your business setup and its growth.
  3. Gain access to our Secret Trade Secrets that give us an advantage over other firms.
  4. Learn our business processes we have refined over 14 years in the web business.
  5. Get our pre-built forms and examples to help streamline your business processes.
  6. Learn from our Mistakes!

No guess work, just business.

  1. Lifetime Access to the Video Course, Downloads and Updates.
  2. Download Access to all Documents and Forms used in our Web Design Firm
  3. Links to Helpful Software and Tools used in the industry.

Who We Are

Firm Builder Formula is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seed Technologies, Inc, a well-established and successful web development firm based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Utilizing the knowledge and experiences gained from 14 year of business in the web design industry, we hope to share our secrets to success by giving you access to our knowledge, business processes, forms, checklists and experiences with the hope that you will achieve a fast-track to success in your web design business.

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What We Offer

Instead of Competing, we want to HELP YOU!

  • 6-week (or self-paced) course with Step-by-step videos
  • Shared knowledge of best practices
  • Experiences and “Lessons-learned” in the web design business
  • Downloadable Business forms, checklists and other useful documents for your business.

This Course also includes

  • Downloadable Documents used in our firm
  • Forms and documents used in operations
  • Checklists to automate business processes
  • Industry trade secrets
  • Advice from an experienced firm owner
  • Best practices and lessons learned